You might be tempted to pack your favorite swimsuit and go on vacation without checking its suitability. However, certain countries have specific requirements. For example, France requires that men wear Speedo-styled shorts. This is not the typical short swimsuit, but the traditional Speedo shorts. In Italy, everyone must wear a swim cap or hair net in the pool.


It is not well-known that foreign beach-goers in Italy can only be problematic if they have swimsuits and cover-ups. Wearing a swimsuit on streets in certain areas, such as Lerici, along the Italian Riviera, is illegal. You can’t wear a swimsuit anywhere on Capri island except for the streets of Naples.

Saudi Arabian and Qatari holidaymakers would be wise to know that there are strict rules about covering up. When swimming, local women must cover their entire bodies with clothing. Although visiting women are not legally allowed to cover their bodies, having some extra clothing for swimming is a good idea.


Victoria, Australia, still has a law prohibiting you from covering up in a Victorian-style swimsuit. This means that your neck should be covered to the knee. It will be safer if you don’t wear this, as it’s not policed. It’s not a bad idea, even though it has one of the world’s highest rates of skin cancer.

Majorca, Spain is a place where you can’t walk around in your topless and speedos as a man or woman.

A thong worn on the beach in Melbourne, Florida is against the law and can result in a $500 fine.

It is mandatory to wear shoes at all times in Italian public swimming pools. This is why many local women wear high heels around the pool.

All beaches in Dubai are open to all – there’s no law that prohibits you from wearing a certain bathing suit. However, international tourists and local families have equal access to these areas. Males, except toddlers, are not permitted on beaches that are open to women only once per week. Using nuderism or wearing swimming costumes on the streets is strictly forbidden.

It is legal in Australia to sunbake nude on Commonwealth coast land in any state or territory. These beaches are often populated by soldiers wearing camouflage gear as the Commonwealth army trains.

Devotee nudist beach-goers in Tenerife or the Canary Islands will enforce the “no swimming costumes” rule. Although you won’t face arrest, the ‘neighborhood nudist watch” will discuss the matter with you. Underwear and thongs are prohibited in adventure and waterslide parks. You can only ride on the rides if you have the right metal fittings like press studs or decorative buckles.

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