The mantra for becoming a stronger swimmer!

I’ve often entered races to achieve a new goal. I needed the motivation to get up and jump into the cold water. It’s like medicine to help me perform better on a particular day. I can’t remember how many races I have attended, thinking, ” What am I doing?”

When swimming, swimmers of any level have many thoughts going through their minds. They are often negative thoughts that tell us we aren’t making progress. Our technique could be better in a particular stroke. We need to be in top form. The repetitive thoughts that guide our actions are negative in those moments.

A sport’s greatest strength is the ability to deal with these moments. Piero Trabucchi, a sports psychologist, says that “staying motivated is an exercise in and of itself.” You have to be resourceful. Motivation isn’t the same as desire, or at least; it’s not only that. “It is the ability to tolerate discomfort and to cope with it.”

For this reason, when we ask a champion about their secret, they will either directly or indirectly mention sacrifices. Swimming daily; Getting up early in the morning; Withstanding physical stress, etc.

No one recipe will make everyone a better swimmer. But, if you want to reach a goal, your mantra should be based on positive thoughts. This means that it must include words that remind us that we can achieve our goals, possess the resources necessary to succeed, and that giving up is not an option.

We will have the courage and discipline to face negativity when it knocks on our door.

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